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I put 5 stars on here so it would actually be read. The 5 stars are a LIE. This is a one star ⭐️ app only.1) The app for this camera is horrible. I should have immediately known this would be bad by the two spelling and grammar errors on the log in page alone.2)The camera isn’t that great. Really, it’s just not worth it.3) I read the privacy issue app store optimisation agency with this camera and service AFTER setting it up. Stupid, I know. But it was late and I was tired. I won’t make that mistake again. Privacy with this company = Horrible. They constantly stream the video back their company even when it’s “not being used.” It is also sent to “third parties.” The third parties are not noted. This is even in the privacy notice. If you’re willing to take the time to read all of it that is.

5) Upon discovering that this camera, app, and company are not up to par with my standards… I have also learned that there is no way to delete your account. Go figure 🙄If you’re still interested in this camera and company, then good luck!Bought my Guardzilla when I listed my home for sale. My intent was to monitor the buyers and agent coming in and observe them checking out the master bed and bath. I could also hear their comments positive (mostly) and negative (not much).Along with the kitchen the master bed and bath usually are why people buy the home.The video quality is outstanding. Setup takes a few minutes and the camera is ready to go.

 Along with the motion sensing and audio features when I learned that 24/7 monitoring for 10 bucks a month would provide a way to provide a measure of security at a reasonable price. My alarm company charges more than that and I have to buy or rent their expensive gear. I will purchase two additional units to give me the coverage I want at a reasonable cost for around the clock monitoring app marketing company. I love this great addition to our Security system. What a great little system. Put in my rv for security and safety. First started with indoor/outdoor. Worked great, bought indoor from eBay and added it, need a little help from support and they were great even after I bought used from eBay. Alls great now. Inside and out. May add another outdoor for more coverage. Thinking of scrapping my ADT system at house. Too much $$$ and too many issues. Won’t have to pay city because alarms come to me wife or who ever I setup. Automatic alarm from iPhone if I leave. Many options for price.

I realize this isn’t an armed guard, but it may as well be, easy setup, excellent response, great quality, and Guardzilla wasn’t part of the ipcam hack. I love the app, the update looks kinda cheesy, but functions better. I picked my Guardzilla indoor cam up at my local Monopolizer-Mart. ( my other choice is 50 miles away, thanks Again Walmart). So, anyway, my wife had seen it and recognized as one of the ones I was researching. It was $25 on clearance, no clue why, but when things like that happen, (rarely), I just go with it. Well worth $100 though. So easy to use, the CIA could do it, (supervised). Works wonders, lots of features, and I would highly recommend, even over the 8 channel DVR styled security cams, this thing texts you, there’s no fee for it, however you can get pro monitoring and such for cheap, but it does a great job. I really enjoy getting to watch the first 30 seconds of my wife having an affair with our pool-boy. I’m

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