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This is a AMAZING app! I just adore how the pencil moves with the writing. The eraser marks makes every thing seem real play store buy ratings. Also when u want to brush off the marks just like in real life u can blow them away from your headphone jack or brush them off!!! Over all I haven’t had any glitches and the app is so AWSOME and AMAZING who ever made this was a genius! But I have read in the other comments that it glitches but I haven’t had it that long.

I love, love this app as I like to keep notes of private information that I may need at another time. I also like to store things I have written myself. I do not know why people are complaining about the app crashing. I have had Note Lock for at least a year? I have never had an issue and have waited this long to review to make sure it was a great app. I do however agree with people who have complained about the pictures. If this app could handle full size photos, it would be my only private app.

Smooth, easy to use and is multi-faceted. Well designed. I tried a large number of others, all free versions and then the free version of this app. This free version was far superior to free versions of other similar apps, so much so that I was convinced to pay for the upgrade of this app. You have to know that I don’t buy apps very often because you can find very good free apps if you look. Not in this case. It is excellent and well worth the $1.99 for the upgrade. Buy it.

I have been looking for an easy app that I can quickly open and jot what I need down. I have been spending all kinds of money on other apps that I thought would be easy. Then I came to this app. It is so easy to do and you can do so much. I love the option to shake it to hide what I write it comes in handy when you have nosy family members. I didn’t mind this time to buy the extras that this app has. This app just makes it even more fun to use! Must Must Must have this app.

Exactly what you think, does what the normal notes app can do but better. The security system on this app is insanely good. Never had a problem with the basic notes. Store some passwords or whatnot and exit. Open when required. Never had a problem in that regard. I’ve never made full use of the note taking such as pictures so I have no idea about that get app reviews.

 Also it’s definitely worth upgrading to the best version. I got mine free and upgraded it. One of my best purchases so far. It’s awesome!! I love the Fonts and my favorite thing about it is when I add something to a note that I forgot, 

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