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Hi there developers. Hope you are doing well and making lots of money out of the app business. In this article, we will talk about the importance of app reviews and ratings and how buying app store reviews and ratings can help you to enhance your app performance in the App Store. But before that, let us take a look into the App trends and the way in which the iOS Store works. 

Apps have become a very important part of our lives. Today, almost every one whether be it a school kid or an old man, everyone has a smart phone and with the smart phone, comes the accessibility of smart apps which make out day to day lives easier. Whether you are want to travel or you want to play music, there is an app for almost everything that you want to do. And the most amazing thing of these apps is the constant work and development coming up with each passing day. Many app developers work on developing app that can change the market and this passion leads to creation of many notable apps. With this is mind, let’s talk about one of the most discussed topics when it comes to apps: App promotion. But before that, let’s see how the app store works and what are the ongoing trends in it. 

 App Store

The iOS Store have been one of the most consistent and well performing services in the past few years. It is second only next to the Play Store by Google in terms of number of apps which has been leading with high figures in the last decade. This  trend is difficult to break, but it is not impossible. There are few new players in the market like the Amazon Store but the market is dominated by these two major giants. Currently, the Play Store has around 3 million apps, thus leading the chart whereas iOS Store has  somewhat close to 2 million apps. All major apps are available in both these app stores and therefore the competition remains stiff and strong. It is expected that the iOS Store will be having close to 3.5 million apps by the year 2020. This is indeed a great number and a clear sign of the ongoing trend for iOS devices amongst people. 

How does the App Store work?

Before diving into the topic, let us understand the working and functioning of the iOS Store. The process begins with app development. The developers write the app code and design the app layout and then finally this completed app is sent to the App Store for the approval. Here, the app is checked for originality. The app content and idea is cross checked and then the app is checked for bugs and issues, if present. After certain checks and updates, the app is finally approved and is listed in the iOS Store. The process remains same for Play Store by Google, however the selection process of iOS Store is comparatively tough and stricter. This is one of the reasons that developers prefer developing apps for the Play Store. Once the app is listed, all there is to do is app promotion and marketing to make sure that people install your app. 

App Promotion

Let’s get going with the main theme of our article. Once your app is listed, you need to work really hard to make sure that your app is in demand by the people. There are many ways of doing it; both paid and free methods. People generally resort to pre-marketing to make sure that they have audience even before the app is launched and this indeed is a very good move. Well, for new developers who don’t have a name in the app business, the things can get very rough and hard. Top players like Google, EA and lots more have a pre-set market and for them getting users is pretty easy, But for new developers, everything has to start from scratch. They have to build audience meanwhile competing with the top players to win people. We won’t discuss about app promotion strategies but we will discuss the importance of app ratings and reviews and how you can promote your app using buy app ratings and reviews. 

App Ratings and Reviews

When it comes to measuring app performance, both the app ratings and app reviews occupy a very important place. When people download an app, they go through the app ratings and also read the app reviews. App ratings and app reviews tell whether your app is popular and trustworthy or not. No one will install an app with an app rating of 2 whereas an app with 4.5 rating will easily be downloaded. Same thing goes for app reviews. If the reviews are bad, chances are that no one will download your app whereas an app with good app reviews have high chances of being downloaded. The scenario becomes even more important for paid apps and subscriptions. Therefore it is very crucial to make sure that your app has good app ratings and that there are good app reviews for your app. One of the best ways of ensuring it is by buying app ratings and app reviews. The question comes.

How to buy app reviews and ratings?

Well, to be honest there are many ways and places from where you can buy app ratings. One of the easiest tricks is by asking freelances to write reviews and rate your app. There are many freelancers who write content and reviews and by paying them to rate and review your app, you can improve your app’s performance manifold. Another way is by using marketing agencies. These agencies have a huge user base and they can provide good ratings and reviews for your app. These methods will not only boost your app ranking but will help you earn more profits. 

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