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Have a great meeting.Meetiin, a management service developed for executives.

  • Efficient Meeting Management
  • Customized Interface for Executives
  • Bank-level Security

"We bring together the best ideas - turning the meetings of our top managers into intellectual orgies."

Jack Welch , ex Chairman & CEO of General Electronics.

  • PMF methodology: Plan, Manage, Followup, effectively Manage Meetings, Track Schedule and Progress.

  • Powerful & Easy-to-Use, gets the hang of MEETiiN quickly with Instinctive Interface.

  • Simultaneous Online Team-Participation, Real-time Task Assignment.

  • Multiple Teams & Projects Management perfectly runs Internal and External corporate meetings.

  • You have full control over who sees your records. Bank-level 2048-Bit SSL Certificates & AES 128 Bits encryption.

  • 'Eagle View', brand new All-Round Vision exclusively for Managerial Level.

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