How to escape your app getting banned by play store!


Well, sometimes prevention is best than cure. What if the app you created just stops living even before your dream comes true. The worst nightmare might befall out of simply nowhere. you would possibly attempt to justify but to no avail, perhaps nothing might be as worse as what had just happened. But wait!!! Has anything happened yet. No. Not in the least . So why provides a chance.


Here we are getting to affect circumstances that one might pray to not encounter, and therefore the medicines for cure if one accidentally encounters.
Google, doesn’t always encourage artificial marketing and related stuffs. Only organic ASO services strategy. So anytime, google is at its liberty to ban the app you only established anytime with none preconditions or answers. So, it might be quite safe on the a part of the creator to know certain terminologies and conditions before undertaking any kind of online risk.



Intro to the risks…
It is quite eminent that google play store doesn’t pre-examine or virtually interview the apps before appointing them an area within the store. However, Google may be a post processing boss. After uploading it involves the rejection period. Google will scan for all policy violations once the app has through with its marketing and establishment procedure. it’ll notify developers which on denying will, absolutely enter curtailing the app mystery into a permanent history on the App Store. The developers are going to be on a secure side if and as long as they prevent from missing the small print of the flowery google policy manual.
There are quite frequent changes within the manuals which the app developers must bring into their minute notice boards, before encountering any possible mishaps.


The prominent do’s and don’t’s.
Be un smart enough to not include user app reviews while presenting an outline of your app.
Do not be smart enough to match your apps with others. This might give birth to unwanted discrepancies in your first or probably the last encounter with google.
Don’t attempt to act user to your own app. I mean to mention don’t post app links in another app for review as if you were the user. this may be absolute detrimental to your own profits.
Avoid any unnecessary offerings to the users and bribe them for positive reviews.
Don’t use someone else’s content as your own. that might be unwanted over smartness.
Online business doesn’t encourage erotic contents. remember if you’re the one.
No unwanted ads and pop ups within the notifications
Do not use deceptive ads just in case of app promotion.
Avoid generating any ‘premium SMS from your apps.
Do not use copywriting tactics, or add bookmark to your app in any browser, or add shortcuts of your own app in other apps.
Be sure the above measures may cause absolute ruination of your online app business. I had just summed up a couple of points that has got to be kept in mind to avoid any app accidents within the playstore. just in case any mishap occurs you’ll place an appealing appeal at play/Android-developer/contact/accountappeals


Better not the worst befalls, so without counting on the above content, which was just a disclaimer, undergo the policy manual of google and avoid any heinous mistakes within the app world and thus ruin your business.